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Spare Parts

Spare Parts

We do not limit ourselves to the spare parts that can be supplied!

Spare Parts

Atomizer Wheels • Liquid Distributors • Spindles • Housings
Bearing Guides • Feed Chamber • Gears Box Set • Volutes

AM ATOMIZERS TECHNOLOGY supplies first quality services and spare parts and guarantees absolute traceability

AM Atomizers Technology has strong experience in modern reverse engineering techniques and it is your unique partner to reproduce any part you need for your existing equipment. There are no limits of shapes and sizes.

We manufacture S-Wheels, Straight Vanes Wheels, Nozzle Wheels, Multi-hole wheels, High capacity and high speed wheels.

We offer our services both in our workshop or on site. Our internal technical department will support you if you need to re-design or improve your components or if you want to retrofit your machine or plant.

AM Atomizers Technology makes a constant effort to guarantee and improve the quality and the traceability of all our products !

AM Atomizers Rotary Atomizer Wheels

AM Atomizers designed a new version of wheels inspired by the “Coanda” principle. With this geometry, the wheel directs the spray flow inside the drying chamber for Advanced Rotary Atomizers.