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The Most Advanced Frontier of Centrifugal Atomizers

Tradition Enriched with Innovation in CIP Retractable Nozzles

AM Atomizers Technology

Highly Competent, Global and Innovative Rotary Atomizers and CIP Retractable Nozzles

AM Atomizers Technology was founded in 2018 with one purpose in mind: to turn the oil free rotary atomizer technology from its original niche application into the reference technological paradigm.

Centrifugal Atomizers
Sound and
Global View
With Modern
System developed
by AM Atomizers
From 0,5 kg/h to 25
t/h with no risk
of powder
CIP Retractable
Flexibles and

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AM Atomizers Rotary Atomizer

A team of professionals with a solid experience in high-speed rotating machinery and process plant engineering with the ambition to put the customer’s mind first.

We listen to you and we support your point of view.  Only then we can make our technological knowledge suitable to your needs.

Exactly what you need when you need it.

AM Atomizers addresses to users of centrifugal atomizers for Spray drying, spray cooling and flue gas cleaning, spray dryer plants manufacturers and users of CIP spray nozzles.